3rd International Conference DSPA-2000. Proceedings - 1. Contents
¬DSPA-2000. Contents

# 02 A coding method using repeated projectors.
Anoyan A.J.
# 03 Structural organization of educational environment in digital signal processing.
Bernyukov A.K., Sushkova L.T.
# 05 Analysis of the asymptotic properties of the Tsipkine's recursive algorithm estimate in terms of automatic control theory.
Bulianitsa A.L., Kurochkin V.E., Burylov D.A.
# 08 The speed control of transmission in channel user on estimated parameters of regression of drift.
Ermolaev V.A.
# 09 On the stability of phase paths of digital dynamic systems of shaping of signals.
Ermolaev V.A.
# 11 The adaptive decoder of bch and Reed-Solomon codes.
Zemlakov A.L., Konopelko V.K., Lipnitsky V.A.
# 12 Digital processing of chaotic signals in dynamical system with delayed feedback.
Kalinin V.I.
# 13 Integrated maximum principle.
Kostoglotov A.A.
# 14 Permutation decoding of BCH codes with minimal distance 7.
Lipnitsky V.K., Konopelko V.K.
# 15 The largest period of pseudo-random sequence forming by discrete algorithm with delay.
Belyaev R.V., Vorontsov G.M., Zalogin N.N., Kolesov V.V.
# 16 Fluctuation error and dynamics of digital phase-locked loops.
Bochkov V.K., Doroshkevich V.V., Zaharenkov V.E., Oskin V.A., Sultanov B.V., Funtikov V.A.
# 20 The computation methods for detetermining the reliability of the coded pulse sequence peroid.
Nechayev Y.B., Radchenko Y.S., Sokhnyshev S.V.
# 21 Mathematical model of digital phase-locked loops operating a method of Volterra's functional disintegratings.
Sultanov B.V.
# 22 The processing of pulse with gaussian random substructure on the noise background.
Trifonov A.P., Zakharov A.V., Pronyaev E.V.
# 23 The method of estimation of noiseproof feature on demodulator mistiming condition.
Paramonov A.A., Borodin A.O.
# 24 Oscillations in second order nonlinear recursive digital filters under constant exterior influence.
Bryuhanov Yu.A.
# 25 Theory, methods and algorithms of difference digital filtering.
Shinakov Yu.S., Burov Yu.Ya., Burova A.Yu.
# 26 Statistical characteristics of AIC and MDL criterions in multivariate signals detection task in case of short sample.
Ermolaev V.T., Maltsev A.A., Rodyushkin K.V.
# 28 Adaptive wavelet-compression.
Kobelev V.Yu.
# 29 Fast algorithms for estimation of signal's south's distribution.
Kuriksha A.А.
# 30 The new theory of the linear spectral roots.
Lanne A.A.
# 31 The denoising method based on the wavelet processingadapted for sharp signals.
Lastochkin A.V., Kobelev V.Yu.
# 32 Discretization of a z-plane owing to quantizing coefficients of recursive digital filters.
Lesnikov V.A.
# 33 Generation of structures of digital filters.
Lesnikov V.A., Naumovich T.V.
# 34 Numbering and decomposition of digital filter structures.
Lesnikov V.A.
# 35 The use of genetic algorithms and specific unmatched n-filters for BPSK signals correlation noise minimizing.
Lozovoy A.V., Melnikov B.F., Radionov A.N.
# 36 Optimal digital filteration of signals with random impulse disturbances.
Maltsev A.A., Poldin O.V., Silaev A.M.
# 37 Finding of investigation of a processing techniques of the data at the restricted prior information.
Marchuk V.I., Saakyan G.R., Buchtoyrova I.V.
# 38 Distributed arithmetic and multiplexing in a second-order state-space digital filter.
Mingazin A.T.
# 39 Variation of initial parameters in design fir digital filters with finite wordlength coefficients.
Mingazin A.T.
# 41 Usage of continuous wavelet-transformation for parametric spectral processing of non-steady signals.
Bochkarev V.V., Katsevman M.M., Petrova I.R., Teplov V.Yu.
# 42 Digital fan-filters of the first order.
Priorov A.L., Lukashevich Yu.A.
# 43 Nonlinear filter design in the frequency domain.
Shcherbakov M.A.
# 44 Tone signal detector implementation on DSP.
Semenov N.N., Lanne A.A., Andreyev I.V., Babkin V.V.
# 46 On robust ar speech model identification based on quadratic classifier with heuristically decision threshold.
Markovic M.
# 47 Lossless regions of interest and adaptive wavelet compression of background.
Rakowski W.
# 48 Communication system with spread spectrum on the basis of chaotic binary codes.
Belyaev R.V., Kalinin V.I., Kislov V.V., Kolesov V.V.
# 50 Probabilistic evaluation of delay distribution when transmitting a voice traffic over IP network using the DCME equipment.
Gnativ A.
# 52 Vector quantization of gain coefficients in the CELP vocoder.
Dyranov Yu.V., Kostrov V.V., Vlasov S.Yu.
# 53 Principles of constructing information protection systems in up-to-date data transmission and processing systems.
Esikov O.V., Kislitsin A.S.
# 54 Application of the markov chains theory to construction of models for content optimization of protection means complexes in up-to-date data transmission and processing systems.
Esikov O.V., Kislitsin A.C.
# 55 Assessment of influencing of the destabilizing imitohindrances on the digital automated radio communication systems.
Oroshchuk I.M.
# 56 About processing of the speech signals.
Zhyljakov E.G., Baidikov А.N.
# 57 Development of audio and video compression techniques based on optimized second order delta-transformations.
Kravchenko P.P., Khussainov N.Sh.
# 58 The method of digital processing of speech signals when decoding in communications networks with logarithmic PCM.
Kuznetsov M.V.
# 60 Equalizer training analysis.
Parochine D.U.
# 61 High-protected system of transmission of analog signals and discrete messages by long sections.
Samoilov A.I., Volinsky D.N.
# 62 Multipath cancellation by adaptive recursive filtering.
Sellone F., Serebryakov G.
# 63 Representation structure of security threat model at formation of information technology protection profiles.
Sidak A.
# 64 Development of satellite mobile personal communications with synchronous code division.
Smirnov N. I., Gorgadze S.F.
# 65 Clusterization of speech signal parameters with provision for their dynamic characteristics.
Stukalov D.N.
# 66 On the possibilities of the information hiding inside digital audio signals based on audio masking effects.
Sytchov A.V., Aleksandrov E.V.
# 67 Algorithms of signal detection based on the method of adaptive decorrelation of observations.
Vasilyev K.K., Ageev S.A.
# 68 Recurrent quasioptimal estimation of random fields.
Vasilyev K.K., Popov O.V.
# 69 Models of signals and noise in PAR.
Vasiliev K.K., Yarovikov O.S.
# 70 Computational efficiency of two-dimensional pattern synthesis for a direction finder with ring antenna array.
Chevtchenko V.N., Ivanov N.M., Vertogradov G.G.
# 71 Multidimensional detection-discrimination of signal and estimation of their parameters.
Chevtchenko V.N., Ivanov N.M., Vertogradov G.G.
# 72 Digital processing of signals in a precision method of measuring navigational parameters of space objects.
Vlasenko V.P.
# 73 A minimum local entropy digital algorithm for sar images autofocusing in conditions of fast fluctuations of parameters of the aircraft motion.
Goriachkin O.V., Klovsky D.D.
# 74 Structure synthesis of poor-parametrical corrector for receiving channels' frequency characteristics of interfering radiation cancellators.
Davydenko I.N., Agishev A.G., Chagan Y.V.