3rd International Conference DSPA-2000. Proceedings - 2. Contents
¬DSPA-2000. Contents

# 02 Software for adaptive digital filtering spread-spectrum signals in the background of fluctuation noise and narrow-band interference.
Zinchuk V.M., Sosulin Yu.G., Limarev A.Ye., Goncharova Ye.I.
# 03 Energy detection of signal with unknown amplitude and waveform in the background of gaussian noise with unknown variance.
Zinchuk V.M., Sosulin Yu.G., Limarev A.Ye., Kalinin M.M., Macksyuta Yu.N.
# 05 Weight vector jitter phenomenon in adaptive antenna array with recursive sample matrix inversion algorithm.
Maltsev A.A., Zimina S.V.
# 06 Regularization algorythm of radiosystems robust spatial structures synthesis.
Parshin Y.N., Gusev S.I.
# 07 Technique of side lobes elimination at the discrete signals resolution.
Furman Y.A., Krevetsky A.V.
# 08 Fast algorithms of radar recognition of the object class on the regularly correlated portraits.
Yarmolik S.N., Shaliapin S.V.
# 09 Analysis of recognition systems characteristics basing on expansion of multidimensional probability density of output signal by Pollaczek polynomials.
Shaliapin S.V., Yarmolik S.N.
# 12 The analysis of two methods for estimation of discrete noisy curve's curvature.
Bachilo S.A., Lepskiy A.Y., Rybakov O.S.
# 14 Analytical method of the geometrical information presentation.
Itenberg I.I., Butenkov S.A., Semery O.S., Bachilo S.A.
# 17 The effect of dynamic resource adjustment scheduling method on video information transmission parameters.
Kurapov A.S.
# 18 Marker-controlled watershed algorithm for segmentation of metal's grains.
Mavrin G.N., Safonov I.V.
# 19 Digital image processing in TV systems of water surface monitoring.
Obuchova N.A.
# 20 Digital filtering of half-tone images of a Markov type.
Petrov E.
# 21 Wavelet transform based image recognition algorithm.
Plekin V.J., Malyshev A.V.
# 22 Research of image suppression algorithms in basis of polynomial conversions (algorithm GDCT).
Radchenko Y.S., Savinkov A.Y.
# 23 Estimation of definition in standard JPEG.
Sai S.V.
# 24 The video images digital processing algorithms for an tv-cameras quality estimation.
Timofeev B.S.
# 25 On acceleration of motion analysis for dynamic image coding.
Dvorkovich V.P., Dvorkovich A.V., Sokolov A.Yu.
# 26 On the improvement of compression of dynamic images coded according to MPEG-2.
Dvorkovich V.P., Sokolov A.Yu.
# 28 Iterative restoration of color images.
Karnaukhov A.V., Merzlyakov N.S., Milukova O.P.
# 29 The digital simulation fractal measurements.
Arutyunov P.
# 30 Technique of a rating between verifying intervals of group measures in digital measuring systems.
Bezuglov D.A., Pomortsev P.M.
# 32 Rating of unit of physical size of the group working standard by results of processing the measuring information inside group checkings.
Bezuglov D.A., Pomortsev P.M.
# 33 Digital signal processing in distributed fiber-optical measuring systems.
Belovolov M.I., Platanov S.V., Romanovsky A.S., Chernicov A.S., Chukhrov S.Ju.
# 34 Data transfer in a sequence of random numbers.
Bespalov E.S., Musyankov M.I., Rodichev P.V.
# 35 The compensation of low-frequency stray amplitude modulation in fm radiolocation level-meter.
Bolonin V.A., Vityazev V.V., Gusinsky I.S., Ivanov S.V.
# 36 Using the methods of linear prediction in fm radolocation level-meter.
Bolonin V.A., Vityazev V.V., Gusinsky I.S., Ivanov S.V.
# 37 Requirements to digital realization adaptive FM level-meter.
Atayanz B.A., Bolonin V.A., Ezerski V.V., Miroshin S.V.
# 39 Mining and simulation of methods of compression the telemetry informations at registration the geophysical data.
Vityazev V., Zaytsev A.
# 40 The method of 2D probability distribution evaluation of 1/f fluctuations in nanoelectronic systems.
Ghots S.S., Gallyamov R.R., Bakhtizin R.Z.
# 42 Time-saving mass spectral peak parameter estimation for isotopic instruments.
Zarutsky I.V., Manoilov V.V.
# 43 Intellectualization of measuring procedures.
Kostoglotov А.А.
# 44 Harmonic retrieval using fourth-order cumulant.
Latyshev V.V.
# 45 Octave band wavelet-based spectral analysis of signals.
Novikov L.V.
# 46 Digital spectral analysis of even functions.
Perlov Y.M.
# 47 Analysis of ambiguity function of systems of digital-coding signals.
Plekin V.Y., Kamensky I.V.
# 48 To the question of construction of functional digital-to-analog converters.
Hakimov R.A., Maksutov A.D., Kolovertnov G.J., Sapelnikov V.M.
# 49 Analysis of bio-electrical signals with the reflections on the background of noises.
Bernyukov A.K., Kostikin I.J.
# 50 LPC speech coder at 1000-1200 bps.
Babkin V.V.
# 51 The computer simulator of the HF-channel in terms of the structural-physical approach.
Vertogradov G.G., Vertogradova E.G.
# 52 Application of clamping amplifiers at analog-digital signal processing.
Kozlov E.
# 54 Dynamic reconfigurable processor adaptive wavelet packet decomposition for audio signal coder.
Petrovsky A.A.
# 55 System of an acoustic echo and noise cancellation using algorithms with psychoacoustic motivation, on the basis of one processor TMS320C541.
Petrovsky A.A., Anoshenko A.E.
# 56 Applying psycoacoustics in low bit-rate tone+noise spectral speech coding.
Sercov. V., Petrovsky. A.
# 57 Methodology of digital frequency demodulator design for programmable logic devices implementation.
Steshenko V.B.
# 58 The development of algorithms and programs for the construction of the process analytical description based on evolutionary search.
Shilov A.K., Shilov D.A., Selyankin V.V.
# 59 The high frequency radio channel simulator.
Shutov S.L., Ivanov A.P., Zhukov S.V., Kashlov V.V.
# 65 Random phase modulation technique in direct digital frequency synthesizers.
Pestryakov A.V., Repin A.V.
# 67 Perfect observers for singular 2D Roesser model.
Kaczorek T.
# 68 Standard and singular 1D and 2D positive linear systems.
Kaczorek T.
# 69 Factoring multivariate polynomial matrices.
Woodburn C.J.
# 70 Properties of 2-D second order digital filter with saturation nonlinearity and symmetry of coefficients.
Balusov I.L., Elagin A.A., Priorov A.L.
# 71 Design of 2-D digital filters with the use of the cutoff line.
Lukashevich Yu.A., Sudakov A.A., Priorov A.L.
# 72 Basic properties and performance of multi-dimensional digital signal processing systems.
Mironov V.G., Tchobanou M.K.
# 73 Design of multi-dimensional filter banks by using of Bernstein polynomials.
Tchobanou M.K.
# 74 Design of multi-dimensional recursive filters through rational approximants of the Pade type.
Vavilov V.V., Tchobanou M.K.