3rd International Conference DSPA-2000. Proceedings - 3. Contents
¬DSPA-2000. Contents

# 05 About one problem of Call-center management using neural networks.
Tomashevich N.S., Tomashevich D.S., Galushkin A.I., Muromsky M.U., Shachnev E.A.
# 08 The comparative analysis of neural and statistical algorithms in problen of signal detection.
Perov A.I., Sokolov G.G.
# 09 About one method of functions approximation problem decision using two-layer neural network of variable frame.
Tomashevich N.S.
# 10 Signal processing based on neural network in the diagnostics of blades of gas turbine of airengines.
Adamenko V., Dubrovin V., Basov Y., Subbotin S.
# 11 Remote distributed learning system "Neural network technologies in experimental informatics".
Bragynets S.O., Tsydelko V.D.
# 12 Radial-basis neural networks in the data processing of plant remote sensing.
Dubrovin V., Morshshavka S., Piza D., Subbotin S.
# 13 Detection of change-points in multidimensional signals using spectral statistics.
Abramovich M., Kharin Yu., Mikhadziuk A.
# 14 Research of two-dimensional first order recursive digital filters with two-level quantization.
Volkov D.B., Priorov A.L., Elagin A.A.
# 15 Software emulator of the cardiointerface.
Milkov U.I.
# 16 Multiprocessor systems of digital processing signals.
Ruchkin V.N., Grigorenko D.V.
# 17 The conceptial model and realization of the digital processing signals.
Ruchkin V.N.
# 19 Parallel-pipeline structures implementing split radix 2-4 FFT algorithm.
Petrovsky Ђ., Shkredov S.
# 21 Elaboration and research of compression algorithms for wideband modulated ultrasound signals in medicine.
Benenson Z.M., Elizarov A.B.
# 23 Physical experiment technique and processing results of digitized physical signals by fast ultrasound scanning algorithm with separate transmitting and receiving transducer apertures.
Benenson Z.M., Elizarov A.B.
# 27 Algorithm of automatic detection, selection and estimation of dynamic objects, originating in a sequence of television frames.
Alpatov B.A., Bokhan K.A.
# 28 Adaptive filtering of color endoscopic images.
Karasyov O.E., Volodin D.E.
# 33 Optimal balance of radio signal information and pilot components.
Garmonov A.V., Kajukov I.V., Manelis V.B.
# 34 Quasi-coherent reception of mpsk signals in fast fading channel.
Garmonov A.V., Karpitski Yu.E., Manelis V.B., Savinkov A.Yu.
# 38 Effective usage of the integrant physability of hearing in digital signal processing.
Stefanov A.M., Stefanova I.A.
# 39 On the possibilities of the information hiding inside digital audio signals based on audio masking effects.
Sytchov A.V., Aleksandrov E.V.
# 40 Correlation method permitting to correct frequency characteristics of the telephone channels.
Shutov S.L., Sultanov B.V.
# 41 Amplitude and phase estimation of the harmonics analysis in case of short observation data.
Nugmanov I.S., Berdunov N.V.
# 42 Generation of sequences of pseudorandom numbers by a method of combinatorial swaps of the discrete two-dimensional information.
Bourtsev Val.N., Bourtsev Vlad.N., Yerokhin A.L.
# 43 Theory and digital methods of recurrence difference filtering.
Burov Yu.Ya., Burova A.Yu.
# 44 New class of nonrecursive digital filtering without multiplications.
Yeremeyev V., Matveyev A., Anufriyeva A.
# 45 Algorithms of digital signal processing in the modified Sobolev space.
Kirillov S.N., Buzykanov S.N.
# 48 The way signal-code construction position affects orthogonal cdma system parametersin terms of non-linear transmit-receive tract.
Arkhipkin V.Ya., Ivanov P.V., Smolianinov V.M., Sokolov A.G.
# 49 Fault detector' model of a signal with frequency by manipulation in additive noise of an any kind.
Sinitsyn S.I.
# 50 Way of the analysis of segments of speech signals.
Tsuprev N.I., Litvintsova Ju.N., Litvintsov D.A.
# 51 The optimal restoration of objekt from data formed some optical systems.
Dovnar D.V.
# 53 Two dimensional algorithm of fastest gradient regression with quantization of the filter weight coefficients.
Pachkunov A.V., Sudakov A.A., Smirnov A.Yu.
# 55 Code division multiple access based on pseudorandom sequences of period 127.
Miller F.S., Meshkovsky K.A., Krengel E.I., Arkhipkin V.Ya., Sokolov A.G.
# 59 M-th band filters : design and application in the digital signals analysis-synthesis systems with perfect reconstruction.
Sorokin D.V.
# 61 The mathematical model of the differential polarization analysis of real seismic signals three component records.
Shevchenko V.P., Kolesnikov A.L.